Do The Best Web Hosting Sites Offer VPS?

Those interested in a solid web hosting plan might be somewhat overwhelmed at the sheer volume of different options available. No, not all hosting services are the same and different services will serve different needs. One hosting service is the VPS platform and many website publishers do find it to be a preferable form of hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting entails a server partitioning different segments for the purpose of turning each segment into its own private server used by one client. VPS hosting is the option in between shared and dedicated hosting. Although the cost is a bit more than shared hosting, VPS hosting comes it at far cheaper than dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting may be best illustrated by imagining a house in which apartments to rent are available. Although you may share the same structure with your neighbors, your apartment offers a unique level of security and privacy. And while it may be expensive to rent, you do have the freedom to do what you want with the space.

What Is The Difference Between VPS Hosting And Dedicated Server Hosting?

Basically, the difference comes down to the features that VPS offers and the structure of how it creates space on the servers. You could say that with VPS, segments of the server are itemized. Memory, CPU, bandwidth and other components to hosting will be allocated in set amounts by the hosting company.

There is a huge advantage VPS hosting has over shared hosting in the sense that performance on a website will be much more effective. This is due to the fact segments of memory and other resources are effectively allocated in set amounts to the VPS hosted website. With a shared site, this is not the case and resources may end up being drained by other entities sharing the server space.

Types Of VPS Hosting

Generally, there are two types of VPS hosting: that based on Windows, and Linux-based VPS. The easier of the two to use is the Windows VPS. The Windows VPS is based on a GUI, or graphical user interface, where the Linux VPS is based on text.

However, VPS hosting offers the ability for every virtual server to have its own operating system, and yet still reside on the same server. So those wanting their web sites to have both types of hosting can have it without having to travel to another host.

The Costs Associated With VPS Hosting

A reasonable, and very common charge for VPS hosting is around $30 per month. While this may be a lot more than you’re currently paying for shared hosting, you can rest assured that you can stay for as long as you like and enjoy large amounts of traffic.

The costs of VPS hosting will certainly vary. However, many major web hosting companies in the industry do offer very reasonable and affordable plans. So, VPS can be considered a less costly option for web hosting for many.

Is VPS Hosting Secure?

There is no reason why VPS hosting should not be considered secure as long as the hosting company does take the necessary steps to ensure the right security systems are in place. Intrusion detection, firewalls, and antivirus programs definitely can enhance security immensely. Does the web hosting company offer guarantees that such security measures are taken? A reliable hosting company will.

Most VPS hosts back up their servers on a daily basis, meaning that your data will always be current in the event that something happens at your end. This can also mean that it’s much more difficult for hackers to access your site data.

Jesse Schwarz

Guest blogger Jesse Schwarz writes on a variety of technology-related topics. He helps laypeople negotiate the ins and outs of small business web hosting, including whether VPS is a good option for their online presence.

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