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Dictionary Word Domain Search Tool

Dictionary domain names, 3 letter domain names and 4 letter domain names are some of the hardest domains to find and secure. By "dictionary domains," we mean the use of a single word as a domain name. This means that the full domain name between the "www" and the ".com" is the equivalent of a word listed in a language dictionary. For instance, sites like "www.coffee.com", "www.auction.com", "www.example.com" or "www.test.com" meet these criteria. These are difficult to secure mostly because they are specific and they are easy to think of and highly search engine optimization friendly-they require little originality.

Value of Dictionary Word Domains

In the world of competitive internet advertizing and search engine optimization strategy, most of the good and useful single word domains are registered. Search engines show favor to domain that match searched keywords or exact match domains, but this is reduced when a domain name is longer or too big. A short domain names thus almost guarantees that it will create a top search result with little help of SEO when that particular word is searched for. Now do you understand why these types of domains are so valued?

Despite the fact that many are registered, there are still great rewards to the user who refuses to give up pursuit of a dictionary word. An available one word domain name might seem to have little or no practical value. Chances are, it is a word that is not commonly spoken or thought of and thus seems useless. In many cases, this is true. But imagine if in the near future someone makes a company or starts a business with this keyword. Then you will have the domain name that company wants for their website and they will need to buy it from you. This is why single word domain names are worthwhile. It pays to research growing companies and consider the names businesses will find most valuable. And this is the another reason there are many one word domains for sale .Perhaps you can also try to grab or keep an eye on the list of all available dictionary domain names.

Buying dictionary names are like investment, and you must consider the resell value of domains as products. For example, Geographers.com is currently listed for sale at about $30,500. Right behind is conversed.com for around $16,000. Few years back casino.com sold at about 5.5 million dollar and pokern.de sold at about .13 million dollars or piscinas.es for 25k. Even other TLDs like engineering.org for 0.19 million dollars and lyrics.net for 65k and american.info for 23k. There are thousands of examples like this. If you are an expert domainer or know about domain industry probably you know the value of dictionary words. They are always most wanted and valuable in all gTLDs and ccTLDs.

Start With a Professional Tool

So, do you want to know where to begin? Do you want a domain name dictionary or tool that can provide all dictionary words and check availability? Our tool can help with just that. The most common use of tools like domain name generator is to create keyword rich domains to increase web traffic, hits, etc. Well, we can also work to provide you with a domain dictionary and can show all available names in many gTLDs as well as ccTLDs to increase your website generic traffic. Just select your dictionary and hit the search button. Our tool will start searching domain name availability for all words in your selected dictionary in different domain extension simultaneously.

Dictionary Domains

The search tool does not stop at the English language. You can select or choose your dictionary in other languages like German, French, Spanish, and Greek etc. In fact, this is one of the most important and unique functions of our domain name search tool. Even if you select our German dictionary you can select .de domain extension and tool will start checking German words in .de extension as well as other extensions like .com, .net, .org etc at the same time. Even you can search alphabetically or randomly or fixing length of the name and investigate all the openings.

You can even do your own translation and bring your wanted name to check availability in our bulk domain checker which also supports many TLDs and unlimited queries. This will allow you to explore the available dictionary domain names without being limited by our languages database. Having a foreign dictionary word can be of use because it can help market a product internationally, or just outside of the U.S. Either way, you still have the advantage of single word, which will come with all the search engine benefits. Finding and purchasing a dictionary word domain can be tough. For free, we will help you find single word domain names and purchase them for use or sell. We believe you will love this unique tool.