About Us

How & When NameStall Started

It was year 2011, when I needed a domain name for a new website and my experience of finding a memorable (and unregistered) domain name was awful. Spending more than 7 days, trying hundreds of websites and tools, I couldn't find a suitable domain name for my website. And then I decided to develop a website and some new and unique domain naming tools for people like me who are still searching for the best domain name for his/her websites or companies. And on 12th February 2012, we launched (officially) our website and started our journey.

What is NameStall All About?

NameStall is a website all about Website Names, Company Names, Business Names, Blog Names, Brand Names, Product Names and of course Domain Names. NameStall developed/developing/and will develop unique web application and tools to help and assist those who want a perfect and memorable name for his/her website, company or domain by suggesting and generating names.

Why NameStall?

Finding suitable, memorable & catchy domain names for websites or companies are turning out to be more and more difficult to come up with. And nowadays, it is very time consuming, frustrating and quite impossible to find a perfect domain name with conventional and traditional naming tools. However, we all know a memorable, catchy and brand able domain name for a website or business is the most important and vital step in establishing a web presence. And this is why NameStall is here. We are here to guide you and help you to find best domain names for your website or business. If you have some patience, NameStall's creative and unique naming tools will find domain names that are most appropriate and perfect for your website or business.

NameStall is Always Here for You

When you are stuck or cannot think of new domain name ideas or your brain cannot come up with creative and brandable domain names, NameStall is always here for you. NameStall never runs out of domain name ideas and suggestions as NameStall has a wide range of naming tools. From domain name generator tool to instant domain search tool, you name it, NameStall has it. If we missed any naming tool (still 3 naming tools are under development) just contact us with your suggestions or tool ideas, NameStall will develop it for you. You tell NameStall what kind of naming or domain tool you need or want, NameStall will develop it for you. NameStall promises, it will never stop here and will always develop more and more domain and naming tools for you.

NameStall & You

Our honorable visitors and users are also helping each other by providing & submitting their own domain name ideas and suggestions. NameStall encourages and requests every visitor and user to contribute domain name(s) in user domain suggestions section. Please let us help each other and build a domain name ocean together.

Thank You.