What is A Brand Name?

The Definition

The brand was created as a word, sign or symbol that can uniquely define a product. Choosing correctly the brand company might tour out to be a challenge and an art, especially if you want to sell your product or service worldwide. Some words are not well translated in all the languages so it can be a little tricky. The definition of brand is the same as trademark and originally defined the provenience place of a certain product. Today, managers apply more than one brand strategy. Sometimes the brand is just the company’s name. Other times, an individual branding is preferred for every different product. Attitude or iconic brands are applied when in need to transmit a larger feeling or emotion.

The foundation of a company’s brand is the logo, that distinctively sign that all your promotional materials and products should have.

brand name

Meaning of Brand

The brand became the most precious asset of a company. The brand is the image of a company, that one thing that makes your products to sell. Or not. It is simply that thing so widely used but not at all evenly understood.

The brand is the promise that you made to your customer and the intrinsic added value comes from the perceived quality and from the emotional attachment of the customer to that brand.

The brands that we create for our products are nothing more than an ongoing relationship in which customers are exchanging values with your business for the use of the benefits you are providing trough your products.

Brands are investments. When you are creating the brand it is important to know that the biggest winner in this story will not be the brand that was first invented, first on the market but the one that is in customer’s mind right now. That right now is the one that will earn you a lot of money and make your investment in brand worthwhile.

Defining your company brand it’s a long journey of self-discovery and of the discovery of your clients. It’s important to keep in mind during that journey that the brand’s values must be very strong and personal in order to resist attacks. In order to achieve this successfully the brand management must recognize the week points of their brand, to accepted, leaving in that way a door open to the wealth of opportunities within their grasp.

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