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High Paying Keywords Search

!!!PLEASE WAIT... This tool will take some time to load our database. it works with a huge database of 500,000 high paying keywords. So please wait and give the tool some time to load the database!!!

  • Comp - Means - Competition of The Keyword.
  • G.M.Search - Means - Exact Match Global Monthly Search Volume of The Keyword!!!
  • CPC($) - Means - Approximate Cost Per Click (in US Dollar) of The Keyword

By "high paying keywords" we mean keywords paying $250 to $1 per click. Using google adwords tool we managed to pull together and organize a small list ( near about 500,000+) of top paying keywords. And probably we have almost all highest paying keywords in our 500,000 top keywords list.

Please remember this is a small list compare to total number of google keywords. We mostly concentrated on highest paying adsense keywords. Please also keep in mind that we can't update data everyday rather we update and check data accuracy quarterly and because of this sometimes you may find little mismatch between our data with Google's data. Google changes and updates its adwords' data very frequently (probably monthly).

Top Paying Keywords Are Always Important

Usually people say if you can get or buy a domain name with search volume and build a website around that keyword then it becomes easier to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc with some search engine optimizations (SEO). For example if you have the domain name "CarInsurance.com" then it is a very valuable and high search volume domain name because people search a lot with this "Car Insurance" keyword. This is the reason people love to buy exact match domains or domains with huge monthly searches. Exact match domain name helps to get better traffic with less search engine optimization efforts or challenges. This is why we need a handy tool like this to search plus pick high paying valuable names with good monthly search volume.

Google pays different amount for different keywords for each click. If other things remain same or being equal a website about "Car Insurance" will usually generate more revenue per adsense click than a website all about "Desktop Wallpapers". Because car insurance or car insurance related keywords' CPC are much higher than Desktop Wallpapers.

Here is the 5 best paying keywords (match type - broad) related to "Car Insurance"-
car insurance - $$36.67
car insurance companies - $45.52
online car insurance - $50.81
car insurance rates - $43.48
best car insurance - $49.36
car insurance massachusetts - $30.8
----Average CPC = $42.27

5 best paying keywords (match type - broad) for "Desktop Wallpaper" -
desktop wallpaper - $0.25
3d desktop wallpaper - $0.34
christmas desktop wallpaper - $0.31
spring desktop wallpaper - $0.19
autumn desktop wallpaper - $0.14
animated desktop wallpaper - $0.46
----Average CPC = $0.28

Average CPC for "Car Insurance" is around 42.27 but average CPC for "Desktop Wallpaper" is around $0.28. So, you can see high paying adsense keywords are very important for better adsense revenue. If you find or register a good paying name to develop a website using that keyword, you can generate better revenue from google adsense. Off course you need to do some SEO for your website and with some little SEO efforts your website can rank higher than your competitors. And we all know better SERP means better traffic. And better traffic means better sales and revenue.

High Paying Keywords Domain Search

Like our best domain name generator, domain name suggestion tool, dictionary domains and 3 letter domains search tools our high paying search tool is also a unique and one of its kind. This script is designed & developed by NameStall.com and we are proud to announce - It is absolutely free. And you may not find any other domain name availability search script like this on the internet. We took several months to design and develop this domain tool.

Using this remarkable script you can search as well as find all available high paying names in many TLDs (top level domains). Our tool will automatically search domain name availability for all high paying google adsense keywords in 4 different extensions simultaneously. All you have to do is just sit and relax and hit the next page button to check availability. Even if you want to find high CPC names for any particular word, just type your word in the "Keyword" option field and hit search button. Our tool will find all top paying google adsense keywords for your input word and then will start searching domain name availability in four different TLDs like .com, .net, .org or .info etc. Is not it an amazing domain tool! Interestingly lots of good paying domain names are still available in many extensions (TLDs) including .com and .net. All you need to do is just search through our database with little patience.

A Tool of Many Uses

Even if you don't need any high paying domain name, our high CPC database list can still help you in many ways. You can easily target many top keywords for website just using this exclusive database. You can easily get an idea about which word or keywords to target and which are most important for better revenue. Even you can write articles or do SEO for your existing website targeting top pay per click or cost per click using this unique service. Say you have a website all about Online Poker. You can enter your most important word "Poker" to find all highest paying adsense keywords for your website.

Example of top adsense for poker (match type - broad) -
Best Online Poker School - $35.23
Online Poker Course - $19.21
Online Poker Dealer School - $14.87
Poker Schools Online - $14.85

High Paying Keywords

Not only CPC you can also see global monthly search volume for each keyword as well as competition. We are providing both global monthly searches as well as competition for all top paying adsense keywords because we think these two extra data will help you to find better idea about which high paying keywords to target with less competition plus better search volume.

Even using this tool you can find perfect domain names for your micro niche websites. For micro niche websites you always need exact match domain names with low competition, good search volume and high cpc. This tool will help you to find thousands of domain names with low competition, good search volume and high cpc for your micro niche websites.

As you can see this service can help you to search and pick very precious domain names as well as you can aim for better keywords, revenue for you next or existing website.