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Domain name generator is always an important and handy tool for anyone seeking a perfect name for his/her website, company, business or blog. It is also known as a business name generator. Even sometimes people call this tool a blog or website name generator. People can call it in many different names but the main job of this script is to generate a huge list of nice and keyword rich names.

Domain Name Generator for Good Domains

Today's competitive arena online is SEO, or what is called "Search Engine Optimization." And search engine optimization experts say, most vital keyword of the business or website must be present in the domain name e.g., or They always claim keywords in domain usually increases click through rate (CTR) in search engine result. However, there are many people who love brandable domains like Google, Fedex, Armour etc and they usually prefer to use our brand name generator.

Let us see what google does when someone looks for the word "Design". If you see the results on the first page, you will find that google bolds the word "Design" everywhere it appears, including the domain.

Google And Keyword Domain

That means when search engine highlights or bolds the keyword "Design" on the domain name it catches searcher attention and he/she thinks that the website is relevant to his/her search and usually visits that site. And very interestingly Bing also follows Google's strategy. So it is quite clear that keyword in root domain is one of the most significant factors for an excellent name as it indirectly also sometime directly controls the traffic of a business as well as site's ranking.

Having important words in your domain name will ensure many people visit your site. With that in mind, you need to make sure the keywords in your root domain are relevant to the information of your business. You want the web address to be a telling sign of what users will find when visiting your company's website. And Off course you have to always remember a good domain name needs to be short as well as memorable so that your visitors can easily remember it and visit again.

So, choosing a catchy plus great domain name is not only very important but also extremely difficult nowadays. Sometimes, it can be hard to creatively think of an excellent domain that is keyword rich, short also memorable. And this is where our best domain name generator, free domain name suggestions, innovative high paying keywords domain search and exclusive instant domain search tools come to assist you.

You Cannot Overlook Our Tool

Most of our web 2.0 domain generator tools are designed in such a way that they will always generate enormous creative, catchy, memorable and most importantly keyword rich domains based on your main word and not only that our name generator will immediately check availability of those generated domains in 4 different TLDs of your choice. Even if you find a name is already registered you can right away check its whois to know when registration will be expired. Our tool makes all of this possible with few a mouse clicks. When you are investing in online marketing or business you will need to take every step to find success. Using our best online domain name creator is a step you cannot overlook.

How To Use Your Tool?

It is very simple and easy to use. Just write your keyword in the keyword field and select a word group from word group dropdown list. if you want your keyword at the beginning select "Keyword At Beginning" or if you want your keyword at the end of you domain name select "Keyword At End" and if you want hyphens select "Use Hyphens". Then select your TLDs and hit "Generate Name" button.

Domain Name Generator

And our tool will do the rest. As you can see in the above picture, it will generate huge list of domain names and will check availability of your selected TLDs simultaneously. And if your preferred name is available, you can register it immediately.