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Domain Hack Tool

Domain hack is a very interesting aspect of domain names. However, many people still do not know or understand this term - domain hack. Let us explain about the domain hack.

What is Domain Hack?

Domain Hack is an unconventional domain name that uses domain name extension (TLD) as a part of the domain name. A very popular example of domain hack is Another great of example of hack domain is If you look at those domain names you will find that domain name extensions or TLDs are part of the domain name words. - the actual word for this domain name is Blogs. But they are using the domain name extension (.gs - South Georgia domain extension) as a part of their domain name. "Blo" and ".gs" makes the domain name "" that is Blogs. And this domain name "" is known as hack domain.

Our Domain Hack Finder

Hack domains are very popular among domainers because good hack domains are very valuable. Recently (weddings) sold at Sedo for $16,000 or (recycle it) sold at Bido for $6712. Few months back (viruses) sold for $2,660 and (audio) for $5000. And there are many more examples.

But unfortunately there are few domain hack finder tools available. And most of those domain hack generators do not support or check all domain name extensions or TLDs. This is why we developed this unique and wonderful domain hack generator tool.

Domain Hack

Our tool supports more than 1200 domain name extensions. When you write a keyword our tool will check 1200+ TLDs to find all hack able domain names.

How to Use Our Tool

Just like our instant domain name search tool it is also a very simple tool. All you need to so is just type or write your keyword in the keyword field and our tool will immediately find all domain hacks using your keyword. It will show you all possible domain names and will check availability of those domains within a second.