How To Design Your Site To Be Memorable And Remarkable

Nowadays most people use their computers and other mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones to research about products and services before making choices of what to purchase. More often than not, they are attracted and captivated by the wonderful pictures and narratives posted on the websites marketing or selling the products and services.

Therefore, so as to attract customers and increase one’s sales volumes and profitability, he/she has to post an attractive and user-friendly website that provides a firm foundation for his/her business. But having a website for your business is not enough to boost your sales and profit margins, you need to attract visitors, be available to answer the questions and inquiries and most importantly entice them to buy your products and/or services and remain loyal to your business. Websites though not able to change the business fortunes of a company, they can be essential pieces of marketing strategies. Here are four things that will make your website memorable and remarkable:

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Create fascinating visual memories

Create fascinating visual memories

Make your customers be able to visualize how your site was and its contents long after visiting.  Through this way they can spread the news about your company’s products and services, it’s an effective and cheap way of earning good publicity for your company and the products/services it offers. Use visual triggers that will keep the contents of your website fresh in the minds of your viewers for a long time after visiting- create lasting impressions.

Place fresh and very informative contents

Place fresh and very informative contents

People like search engines, like contents that are fresh and detailed. The one thing that will pull visitors to your website and make them keep coming back is excellent, fresh and informative contents. Customers are out to meet their needs and solve their problems, so the contents of your website should inform and explain to them why choose your products and not those of your rivals. Websites should educate customers and visitors and offer value for their time and resources.

Create a blogs’ section

Create a blogs’ section

Blogging provides a website’s owner the opportunity to create more pages with fresh content which helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Research shows that companies that have blogs attract 55% more visitors. Making blog posts of 300 to 500 words on weekly basis can make website visitors to keep coming back. Including a RSS feed button (Really Simple Syndication) will make it very easy for followers to get updates from your website.

Follow the general principles of web design

Follow the general principles of web designIn web design general principles rather than absolute rules apply, however, aspects of dynamism and attractiveness more often than not play a very significant role in making websites memorable. A lot comes into play when determining whether a website will leave a lasting impression on its visitors, though at times luck, coincidence and good timing comes in handy. However, striking colour combinations, attractive and captivating images, appealing topographies and clever use of language can make your web contents more memorable. But the element of surprise best captures visitors’ imaginations.

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