Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on May 13, 2023

  • What is NameStall?

    NameStall is a website all about website names, company names, business names, blog names, brand names, product names and of course domain names. NameStall developed/developing/and will develop unique web application and tools to help and assist those who want perfect and memorable names for their websites, companies, business, products, brands or domains by suggesting and generating names.

    To learn more about NameStall please read About Us.

  • Who uses NameStall?

    Millions of people are buying and investing in domain names. A huge domainers and marketing people community exists around the world. Community includes domain investors, domain industry specialists, domain brokers, domainers, website owners, website developers, marketing companies, advertising agencies and fresh people in the world of www use NameStall.

    If you need names for websites, blogs, companies, businesses, brands, products or domains, without fear of your searches being spied on or logged, then NameStall is the perfect website for you.

  • How much does it cost to use NameStall?

    The cost of using NameStall's services can vary depending on the specific tools or services you choose to utilize. NameStall offers a range of domain name generation and suggestion tools, many of which are available for free. However, we also provide premium services and packages that offer additional features and benefits, which may have associated costs. To get specific pricing details based on your needs, it's recommended to visit the NameStall subscription page or reach out to their customer support.

  • Is NameStall a domain registrar?

    No, NameStall is not a registrar. NameStall works with registrars to secure domain names. This is why your domain searches and data are always safe and protected with us.

  • Is NameStall a domain name reseller?

    No, NameStall in not a Domain Name Reseller. This is why your domain searches and data are always safe and protected with us.

  • How can I resister an available domain name?

    Domain name registration services are provided by various registrars. We work with a wide range of domain registrars and hosting companies. In domain search result pages we have registration links that go directly to the domain registration landing page of your chosen registrar. When you find an available domain, just click on "Free" link, a popup window will open with some domain registrars and hosting companies with their logos. Simply click on your favorite or preferred "Register" and you will be redirected to the appropriate page. No technical knowledge is needed to register a domain, you just need to fill in a form with your contact information and pay a yearly fee that varies by registrar. Usually registrars charge on yearly basis per domain. Some hosting providers offer a free domain with their hosting plans.

    We try to select the best vendors in the industry, but we cannot be held responsible for their use or misuse of your domain searches once you click on their link from our site.

  • A domain tool found a domain name was available on NameStall but it really wasn't. Why?

    There are several reasons for this problem.

    1. The domain name's ownership is being disputed or reserved. (exp - 1.com, domain.asia etc)
    2. Domain name is about to expire or in the "Redemption Period" (recently expired).
    3. If the domain name has no NameServer (DNS record).

    For perfect domain name availability search we need to run Whois Query for every domain name. But number of queries and the speed at which queries can be sent are limited by most of the whois servers and too many whois queries in a day will get our servers IP address blocked. Unfortunately, NameStall searches thousands of domain names ever day and that is why we cannot use whois server query for our domain name search tools rather our tools will only show domains that have an "A" dns record. And fortunately most domains that are purchased have a set "A" dns record.

    However, we are still working on and trying to develop a better and fast domain search engine to get more accurate domain search results. If anybody has any idea or knows how to fix these DNS problems - please let us know. Suggestions & Feedback.

  • How does NameStall Earn?

    NameStall Hides Nothing. We believe our visitors and users have all rights to know how we earn and keep this website absolutely free.

    We earn from affiliate programs. Let us explain how it works and how we earn. When you click on any "Free" link on our website a popup window appears with different registrars' and hosting providers' names and logos. When you click on any registrar's link (from that popup window) to purchase a domain name our system redirects you to that Registrar's website or appropriate page. And if you buy that domain name from that registrar we receive a small commission from that registrar. And this is how we earn.

    However, you will not be paying any extra penny to registrars or registrars will not charge you high or extra for using our link rather in many cases you will get discounts/offs for your purchases from the registrar as we use discount/promotional coupons when we redirect you to registrars.

    And yes, we also earn some commissions from google adsense when you click on them.

    All these commissions help us to pay our website's huge hosting fee and maintain & keep this website absolutely free. We also pay our developers from that commission to develop new tools and RND. And unfortunately, still sometimes we cannot fill or meet all our (website's) expenses from total commissions.

    We believe our visitors and users will understand that we are not doing anything wrong/illegal and we are not taking any unethical or evil advantage of our visitors or users. If you visit our Domain Registrar Reviews (still under construction) or Web Hosting Reviews (still under construction) you will see we did not promote any company by ranking them and we didn't write any review on any company. Rather we provided statistics of all companies so that our visitors can compare all companies on the same scale and take their own decision and find out which one is Best (for him/her).

  • Are my domain name searches and personal data safe and private?

    Your privacy and data matter to us and we are taking privacy and security very seriously. As we said before we make money when someone buys a name they found on our site through one of our listed vendors. So, it is in our interest to keep your search results private.

    And we pride ourselves on being the most private and safe domain name search around. Unlike many other domain name search tools, searching for a website or domain name at NameStall is completely private and secure. Your searched keywords, personal information and data are encrypted over SSL (the same technology your bank uses to secure internet banking) and more importantly never leaves our servers. We promise to respect your contact preferences, domain searches, keywords and other data, and we promise you to guard your private information.

    We realize that domain name ideas can be a valuable target to domain squatters, who want to profit by gaining access to other people's ideas. And we never ever disclose your data or keywords or ideas. Your searches are not shared or distributed.

    To learn more about privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Does NameStall register my searched domain names?

    No and never. NameStall is not a domain registrar or domain name reseller and never ever register your domain name idea or searched domain name. We never register any domain name on behave of our users also. Neither do we reserve domain names that our users or visitors searched for. We understand the importance and value of domain names and domain name ideas. We have zero tolerance towards users stealing other people's domain name ideas.

  • How can I resolve if somebody stole a domain I found on NameStall?

    This is probably a coincidence. Millions of domains are registered and expire every day. Please take note of the date and time of your search. Then compare it to the actual date and time the domain was registered. We said before we care about privacy and it is in our interest to keep your search results private.

    You can get the date from the whois record for the domain. This record will also show you which ICANN Registrar was used to register the name. To find out the exact time the domain was registered, find the registrar's contact information, and phone or email them. Remember to ask them the time zone of the registration time they give you.

    If the registration time follows closely the time you searched the domain name, please contact us with the name of the domain, and the time you searched for it on our site. We take these problems very seriously.

    To learn more about privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Why my suggested domain name is in waiting list?

    When we started our website this feature had a direct submission. But eventually we had to stop direct submission option. Due to extensive abuse and trash & junk domain name suggestions, now we keep users' suggested domain names in a waiting list. Our staff checks and reviews all suggested domain names and comments before submitting them in the main user domain suggestions section. We need to make sure people are suggesting and submitting valuable domain names with proper comments, not junks or rubbish domains (like asfderqdfa.com or 34314234test.com) with unpleasant comments.

  • Can I use NameStall on my mobile?

    You can use NameStall on any device that supports web browsing and JavaScript. iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones and latest mobile phone models are supported.

  • How can I suggest a feature & tool?

    If you read about us you will find that we said we never want to stop here and we love to develop tools for our users and visitors. So if you have any idea or suggestion or feedback we love to hear them. And we promise we will try to implement all your idea and suggestion.

    Just drop us an email at Suggestions & Feedback we will contact you soon.

  • What browsers does NameStall support?

    NameStall is well tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari and no bugs were found. However, if you find any bug(s) please contact us. We will try to fix those bugs.

  • Do you have an API?

    We don't have an API yet. But we are planning to start our API soon. Please contact us if you are interested in our API and also tell us what type of API will help you most.