Domain Name Brainstorm

Domain Name Brainstorm Tool

Experts say if you have a friend or partner then it becomes very easy to brainstorm domain names because your friend or partner may help you out when your brain stops working or mind stops thinking. And our domain name brainstorming tool is the best and perfect partner for you when you need to perform serious research on domain names.

Best domain name brainstorming tool

Sometimes tools like domain generator or domain name suggestions or even an instant domain check are not enough to find a decent and perfect domain name. Sometimes people need to do some serious and intense research on domain names. And this is why you need a great brainstorming tool. Although people say brainstorming is very stressful, boring and sometimes time consuming but if you have a perfect tool then brainstorming names is very simple and can be entertaining. We designed and developed our tool in such a way that it will do your job with ease and you can also have great fun through the process. You can do lot of experiments with lot of words or related-words or word-groups with this tool. You can use or write your own domain name ideas or you can ask the tool to help you with prefixes/suffixes or most popular domain keywords.

How to brainstorm domain names?

There are many ways you can brainstorm name using this amazing script. Let's pretend you need a domain name for your new Dating website and you want a keyword rich domain name. Simply write your main domain keyword "Dating" in the keyword field. Now you have to decide whether you want a two words domain name or three words domain name. Let's say you want a three words domain name. Now you have to select two word groups from our word group list section or write your own words in two word group fields. And hit the generate button.

Domain Name Brainstorms

And if you want two words domain name then you have to decide where you want your main domain keyword to appear. If you want your main keyword at the beginning of your domain name then just select a word group after your main keyword and leave the first word group box empty.

And if you want your main keyword at the end of your domain name then just select a word group before your main keyword and leave the last word group box empty.

Example of Two Words Doamin Brainstorm

Even you can create your own brandable domain names (keeping your main keyword) using our brainstorming tool. Here is an example of how to create brandable domains using this tool.

Example of Brandable Doamin Brainstorm

Now let's see how to play with this tool without main domain keyword (probably most interesting feature of this tool). Let's select "Love & Dating" word group from our first word group list and "Website & Internet" word group from our last word group list and leave the Keyword Field empty. And hit the "Generate Name" button. Tool will generate all possible combinations using with both the word groups and will search domain name availability for all generated domain names.

Domain Name Brainstorming

Many Use of One Tool

Even our brainstorming tool can be used just like as a bulk domain search tool. Maybe you have some domain name ideas or a list of expired domain names. Just type those ideas or names or just paste them in any word group box (first or last) and keep keyword filed and other word group box empty and hit the generate button. It will work just like a bulk search tool.