Use Domain Name Generator To Find Domain Names


Are you in need for domain name ideas? Sometimes I do face that problem too where I completely ran out of ideas just because the ones that I want are all taken and I didn’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money just to purchase it from the owner.

So What Is The Solution!

So, if you are in my position, you will find that domain name generator will be your savoir for dozens more of domain names to choose from. You can save yourself from the headache and avoid being put in a place of stagnation from launching your website just because you can’t think of the right domain name.

domain generator

The domain generator is there to help you out within minutes. Below is how you can get started on using domain name generators to get more domain name ideas.

So What Is The Process!

Keyword: First, find out what is the keyword you want in your domain. Keywords are words that describe your site or service.


Let’s say your website is about losing weight then you may want to have the word ‘weight loss’, ‘lose fats’ or ‘diet’ in your domain. Pick about 3 to five of it.

Find A Domain Generator: Once you have already picked your keywords, then now is time to head down to a free domain name generator tool. Most of these are free to use online. How you can locate one is by searching it on Google or your favourite search engine.

google search

Type in ‘domain name generator’ and you will see a list of results showing on Google. As a start, pick one that is free from the search results.

Select Word Group: In the domain name generator, locate the where it will search domains for you. It is usually like a form and you will need to input your keyword in and submit it. The generator will then display a list of domains available with your keyword in it.


All you need to do is to pick one from the list that you like and start your website! If you don’t like the results, you can change your keyword to get more ideas. It is completely up to you.

doman names

Save Your Valuable Time!

Domain name generators can provide you a wealth of domain name suggestions. Just treat it like a very useful assistant who will help you think up of more ideas.

save time

Not only will that save your time, it will also give you some ideas that you may not even think of on your own! That’s the beauty of using the domain name generator tool as a second brain to churn out domain name ideas to pick from.

Move Quickly & Start Your Website

Finding the right domain name is often a tedious task if we are very particular and often, many people delayed their website from launching just because they can’t get passed the domain picking stage. This helps you to get over this stage easily and quickly move on to bring your website up.

move quickly

If you are in a business and needs a website, you will understand that the faster your website is launch, the earlier your potential customers can reach you. So, don’t get stuck on picking the right domain and instead, use a domain generator to get yourself a list of free domain name ideas to choose from today.


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