Enhance Your SEO Using These 5 Firefox Add-Ons

Some people like chocolate chip cookies best, others like sugar cookies, and there even are some really weird ones think that oatmeal raisin cookies are the best think under the sun (using raisins is some way to ruin a great cookie if you asked me). In the same breath, you will find Safari users, Explorer users (the oatmeal raisin cookies of the bunch?) Chrome lovers and others who like using Firefox.

firefox seo addon

Each of these browsers have their own strengths and weaknesses, but there is no denying that Firefox is the most popular one from the bunch. If you are a marketer, then you most probably use Firefox to surf the web on a daily basis. But what you may not know is that Firefox comes with many useful SEO plugins and its add-on store has some of the best tools for bloggers and webmasters. Below is a list of 5 Firefox SEO add-ons that will help you make a light work of SEO by placing many Internet marketing research data points and webmaster tools right at your fingertips.

1. SEOmoz’s SEO Toolbar

seomoz firefox toolbar addon

This is among the most popular SEO tools used to analyze various SEO factors such as domain authority, page rank, the Domains and urls linking to the page, and SERP overlay with detailed links metrics. An analyze option is provided to give more details about on page elements with factors like Meta-description, tittle and header tags. The toolbar provides page attributes including webpage load times and Meta robots.

The SEOmoz SEO toolbar also features an open site explorer that provides details on linking domains, inbound links, anchor text and provides advanced reports. You can quickly audit your site with the Analyze page overlay to measure page load speed, analyze complex redirect plans ad surface useful Meta-data.

2. SeoQUAKE Firefox SEO Extension

seoquak firefox seo addonThis is one of the most complete SEO analysis tools. It was designed to help marketers analyze vital parameters such as Google Rank to display the current page’s search engine rank, SEMrush Rank, Alexa Rank, Google index, etc. To check the Google page rank of an internal page for any website or blog, simple type ” Site: your blog name wit extension” (e.g., site. Techrepublik.com).

You can use seoQuake’s preferences to either enable or disable the parameters. The seoQuake bar will begin appearing below each of your search links as soon as you install the toolbar in Firefox

3. Flem

flem firefox seo addon

Ok, the creators of this toolbar didn’t really give much thought to the name or did they? But for its features and functionality, it is a great add on. Flem lets your browse through url lists with ease; you only have to copy a list of links and paste them into the toolbar. It is a great tool for prospecting lists of urls you may scraped off the web, and it has many similarities to BuzzStream’s BuzzBar in most respects. You can use the add o to purge urls you don’t need on the list and export them. Definitely a big improvement from copying and pasting individual urls you need to take a look at in your list.

4. SEO & Website Analysis Toolbar

woorank firefox seo addon

This is a versatile tool from woorank.com that offers in-depth SEO analysis using over 50 SEO factors. The “W” button appears at the bottom right corner of the web page. Clicking on this button generates a detailed report of the page and provides a woorank percentage. Apart from analyzing the site, the add-on offers details on errors that need to be fixed and prioritizes issues that need immediate attention. Some of the SEO parameters that this toolbar checks for include keywords, authority, links, back links and content.

5. Boomerang

If you haven’t heard about Boomerang for Gmail, then you are definitely going to love the tool. Its key features are scheduling emails to be sent later on and provides follow up reminders. These two features have a vital role in link building. For instance, if you are contracted to do link building for an Australian company, you would want to avoid sending your emails when people are out of their offices due to the time difference as this would decrease your chances of getting a response. So it’s best to use boomerang to schedule your emails to a convenient local time.

The second feature, the reminder, is extremely useful when someone doesn’t respond to your emails. Keeping track of follow ups is now a thing of the past as you can easily set Boomerang to do this for you. Most marketers acknowledge that doing follow up emails increases success rate by 10-30 percent.

Derek Fraser

Derek Fraser is an online manager for Maxwell Construction Software. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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