4 Letter Domain Names Database Updated

We have updated our 3 & 4 letter domain names availability search tool database. Today we added two more new databases in that tool. New databases are

CVVC (Consonant+Vowel+Vowel+Consonant) &

VCCV (Vowel+ Consonant+Vowel+ Consonant)

These new databases can be found in the drop down of our 3 & 4 letter domain search tool. Please see the image to understand where to find the new database –

3 4 letter domains database

In CVVC data base we have total 11025 combinations of consonant followed by a vowel again followed by a vowel and finally followed by a consonant.

Example of CVVC letters combinations are





Kioz Etc.

And also in VCCV database have total 11025 combinations of vowel followed by a consonant again followed by vowel and consonant at the end.

Example of VCCV letters combinations are





Esko Etc.

These two new databases can help you guys a lot to find some great 4 letter domain names. Especially if you want to find a 4 letter .net brandable domain names that is short, pronounceable and easy to remember then you will like this new databases. I would suggest you not to search for .com four letter domains as all 4 character .com domain names are already taken. So do not waste your valuable time to find four character available domains.

But if you want a cool and catchy .net or .org or .infor or even .us brandable domain names then try this two new databases. And I am quite sure you will find some great domains. See the image where I found some available 4 letter .net, .org and .info domains using CVVC and VCCV databases.

cvvc 4 letter domainsvccv 4 letter domains

Hope this new update of our database will help you people. Good luck.



Md. Moazzem Hossain is a web enthusiast who loves to develop interesting and unique web tools and applications and lives in Bangladesh. He is also an SEO expert and loves to write about latest web applications and SEO techniques and has published articles in many different journals and article directories. He is also the founder of NameStall.com.

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