How to Recover From A Penalized Website

Search engines are always updating their complex algorithms in order to provide a better result for the users of their search engines. But since the search engine algorithms are getting more and more advanced and complex, the online website promotion is becoming more and more difficult.

Search engines are looking only for original and quality work when they are ranking search results, so the bad quality and copied work from someone else will have a bad effect on your website and it will be a reason to penalize your website greatly. Since everything on your website is done by SEO you should make sure to choose professional and true SEO techniques and you should be aware of the fake promotions that are available on the internet.

Get an idea about why your were penalized

Knowing why you were penalized is the first thing you should know when you are trying to recover from a penalized website. This was not very easy in the past but today it has become easy for anyone to know why their site is penalized. Goole has come up with an option that tells anyone who has a webmaster tool account why their website is penalized, whether they have penalized manually or not. Google even tells you the reason why you were penalized. So the first thing you should do is identify the cause of your website’s penalization.

Reasons for your website to be penalized

There are many reasons that can cause your website to be penalized. Mainly a penalization can be caused because of the unnatural links that are linked to your site, unnatural links that are going out from your website, a hacked site, site with pure spam, free hosts with spam, a very thin content, user generated spam, keyword surfing, hidden text. Likewise there are various kinds of thing that can cause a penalization. Make sure to identify what was the main reason your website was penalized before you take any action to recover from it. Or else you would end up with doing a totally different thing to recover from the penalized website instead of solving the cause of real problem.

How can you recover from the penalized website

Recovering from your penalized website will not be easy, but if you can do a proper job to identify the causes and apply the correct method to cure it you can get the best results for your website again. Data analysis can help you find out what went wrong. You can start with the data analysis to get an idea about what you should do. Then manually scanning your links wherever it’s possible will help you get a clean track of links to your website.

Do not try to overcome your penalty by redirecting your website to a new domain. It is always a temporary solution. If the penalty was caused by a linked base matter, then building of high quality links can help you solve the problem. Since there will not be a full recovery after the penalty has been removed, you have to concentrate on building high quality links. Always add true, accurate and high quality information to your site in order to keep it in a healthy position and make sure to avoid getting penalized because it is easier to avoid a problem than searching for solutions after you get in to trouble.

Sophie Taylor

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