How to Choose A Brand Name: 6 Popular Techniques

Choosing a brand name is quite difficult if you don’t know all the techniques. When you will know all the methods of picking a brand name then only it will be very easier for you to pick the right and memorable brand name for your business or product.

First let us know some common and popular techniques of selecting a brand name which were used by famous companies. Most common types of brand names are –

  1. New Inventive Word As Brand Name
  2. Inventive Descriptive Word As Brand Name
  3. Descriptive Words As Brand Name
  4. Acronyms As Brand Name
  5. Generic Word As Brand Name
  6. Founder Name As Brand Name


1. New Inventive Word As Brand Name

creative brand name

This is probably the most popular method of choosing an amazing brand name. An inventive word as brand name will sound like a word but actually has not dictionary meaning. A short, pronounceable and catchy made-up word can be a great brand name. Some great examples of these kinds of brand names are:




If you want to pick this type of brand names then you can try our brandable domain names section where you will find thousands of short (5-7 letters), pronounceable and creative made-up words which can be used as brand names.

creative brands

2. Inventive Descriptive Word As Brand Name

creative desciptive brand name

In this technique company adds a prefix or suffix to the brand name and creates a new word. A new word which is unique but contains the main keyword. Personally I prefer these kinds of brand names as it might help you a lot when you go online with your brand name. Some great examples of inventive descriptive word as brand names are:




And if you want to create these types of brand name you can use our brand name generator where you have to put you keyword and our tool will generate thousands of brand names adding prefixes and suffixes.

creative desciptive brand


3. Descriptive Words As Brand Name

descriptive brand name

This is another very popular method of creating a memorable brand name. In this method company usually uses two different words to create one brand name. This type of brand name contains one keyword and one supporting word. And two words create a new descriptive brand name. Some popular examples are:

Pizza Hut

General Electric

China Mobile

If you want to pick a descriptive brand name you can try our domain name generator or domain name suggestion tools where you have to type the keyword and tool will automatically generate many descriptive names.

descriptive brands


4. Acronyms As Brand Name

acronyms brand name

Some companies prefer long descriptive brand names to describe what they do or what their brands all about. Usually they use 3 or 4 words to describe their brand and in many cases those companies use acronyms to keep long descriptive brand friendly and memorable. And most of the cases companies use 1 or 2 keywords in the brand name. Famous acronyms brand names are

IBM (International Business Machines)

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)

SAP (System Application Products)

If you want to go for a 3 words brand or company name you can try our 3 words domain name generator tool which will help you to find many great 3 words brand names.

acronyms brands


5. Generic Word As Brand Name

generic brand name

This is a very popular and old strategy of selecting a brand name. And most brand managers like to go for this type of band name. A generic brand name is actually a descriptive word. When a company uses a descriptive word as their brand name, become a generic brand name. Most popular examples of generic brand names are




But unfortunately 99.9% generic brand names are already taken or trademarked. Still you can try our generic domain names section which might help you to find a generic brand name.

generic brands


6. Founder Name As Brand Name

founder brand name

When company’s founder member(s) choose his/her name as the brand name, becomes a founder brand name. There are thousands of examples where founders build brands around their names.

Adidas (Adi Dassler)

Toyota (Toyoda)

Johnson & Johnson (Robert Jonson, James Johnson and Edward Johnson)

And unfortunately we don’t have any tool to that can help you to pick these types of brand names. Lol. This is something you to do yourself.

To my understandings above strategies are applied most of the times to pick a brand name. And we tried to develop tools to help people find brand names in all techniques and methods. Please feel free to share your strategy to pick brand name. We also encourage our visitors to share their ideas to create new tools to find better brand names.

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