What is Internet : How Internet Works?

The internet is a vast network that allows computers around the world to communicate and share information. Huge amounts of information in form of words, images, sounds and computer software are transmitted through the internet.

how internet works

The internet links computers mainly by the telephone system through copper wires, optical fibers, cables or radio waves. Access to the internet starts with the computer link to the telephone lines through a devise call modem. Special software is needed to convert computer files into the type of signals that can travel through telephone wires. The signals are then launched into the telephone lines through the modem.  The phone lines lead to an internet service provider or a commercial online service which act as a conoid to the internet.

Computers break the message up into packets – clusters of 40 to around 1500 characters. Each packet individually marked with its destination is then sent through a series of computers call routers that direct the path of the packet. Each router examines the packet to see where it is headed and decides the best path to its destination. Packets from the same massage may take different routes to reach same destination. The packets eventually all arrive at the same place and are piece back together into the original message.


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