Creating Websites With HTML5

Since the introduction of World Wide Web in early 1990s, HTML has evolved and became a very powerful markup language. After combining with its close relative languages, CSS and JavaScript, HTML can be used to create very interactive and stunning web pages and applications. HTML stands for HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE whereas HTML5 stands for the fifth version of standard HTML. HTML5 came with a set of new conventions and features that are really helpful in creating your websites at ease.

This article describes about what is new in HTML5 and covers those main features which make HTML5 a very powerful language.

What Is New In HTML5?

HTML5 is capable to merge coding style for both HTML and XHTML so that better support for new multimedia can be offered. Also it lays the foundation to begin an establishment for a more semantic web. It also seeks to create global standard. The coding is so easy that on cannot expect it to be very capable to do things it does.

As number of internet users from mobile phones and tablets are increasing day by day, HTML5 positions the browser experience to better handle for such users. HTML 5 is working to change the un desired user experience of internet users on mobile phones and tablets. For example, there are elements like an embedded video that tablets and Smartphone either cannot render or even cannot handle at all. HTML5 is taking care of it. It is restructuring its code to make Smartphone and Tablet experience just as a desktop pc or laptop.

HTML5 is serving us and improving our internet experience to great extent by creating better structure of a page, modern semantic elements, establishing a new standard to show media on a website and to play audio files from a webpage.

What Would You Get If You Use HTML5?

The first and foremost feature of using HTML5 is that it is very simple than any other language or any other version. It is very easy to implement like its doctype is the simplest one, it has new tags like <header><footer><aside> that can be easy to remember and can be used to easily distinguish different parts of your web page code.

The astonishing features of HTML5 are summarized as follow,

  • Clean and easy to understand
  • Many new structural tags
  • A lot of new attributes that are build specially for Web Applications
  • Script declarations are short
  • Audio and Video tags
  • Semantics

The creation of audio and videos tags is specifically for media is a great step taken by HTML5. Before the introduction of HTML5, the only reliable way to embed video on your website was using Flash. But as HTML5 came in, it has provided us the goal to strive for an open source video standard. No Plugins are required for it. The same goes for playing audio on your website.

So, if you are a developer, it is the best time for you to get in touch with HTML5. Start coding with HTML5, you will have a nice and clean code, your work will be great. As you understand the true power of HTML5, you will be hired again and again.

Farooq Omer

Farooq Omer is a seasonal blogger and is CEO of (a webhosting and development house from Pakistan). In addition he also writes and loves to read technology blogs as well.

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