7 Best Sources of Income after Retirement

When you reach a certain age, you retire from your jobs. You get your provident fund and many other types of such benefits. Government employees enjoy pension. But just as time, money also flies away. This causes you to worry about your future.

Although many of the parents are taken care by their kids but if you are not willing to get the help of your kids then there are ways which can provide you some additional source of income.

Here are a few sources which if you practice can get you some income.


tution after retirement

In this modern world, education holds a very important place. It is only education that can get you a nice paid job. After you retire, you can employ this knowledge of yours by teaching some groups of students. All that you need for this is a small place, few chairs and a board. Start it with a small batch of students.

You can also publicize about your coaching classes by circulating pamphlets. The better the performance of your students will be, the more group of students you will attract.


There are numerous goods manufacturing companies in our country who need people for marketing their products. You could set up an agency of such products. Employ one or two people as salesmen and advertise the product. You will require some capital for the same.


The population of our country is increasing day after day. As a result more number of houses is built. You can become one among the broker or housing agent. Get customers to the builder and some commission on every sale.

You can also advertise locally so that if someone wants to sell his flat or want to least out, he/she can contact you. You need to understand a bit of rules of real estate market to establish your identity.


Setting up of a business requires a lot of capital. If you have enough money then this option is must a try. You can set up a shop of clothes, grocery, stationary, computer accessories or women accessories. In case the money that you possess does not meet the demands then you can get a loan of some amount and start your business.

Although there are many businesses which can be setup without much investment but in order to promote your business, you need some good investment. The money spent on investment is never wasted & it gives you good return in long term.

Online Jobs

online job after retirement

Do you have internet at home? Do you know how to use it? Then do not waste time. Join some of the online jobs portal and hunt for the jobs that are suitable for your qualification. There are many sites where you can find online jobs of your choice. Avoid paying registration fee because most of such websites are scam. One of the best site Jobs8Home is good for online job which provide some of the best information on make money topics without charging anything.

Working on online jobs is very flexible & you can even earn good income if you work part time. Initially it may take some extra effort & time to understand the things but once setup, it will be simple to work on these jobs.

Dealing with Shares

Shares and share market is the place to make quick money. All that you need here is some knowledge about the shares. If you have been in commerce from quite a long time then this option is worth a try. Internet connection for such dealings is mandatory.

But share trading may proved to be risky if you have incomplete knowledge. Don’t deal in intra day trading because it’s very risky. Always play safe & be in control if you really want to make profit here.

Paying Guests

This is the best option when you do not want to invest any money for making more money. If your house is quite big with many rooms then paying guests is not a bad option. However since others children will be staying with you, you must ensure that you do not cause any harm to them or vice versa. You should verify all the documents & go for police verification before you keep a paying guest. You must enforce strict rules for the same.

It’s up to you to decide what you will go for.


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