5 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Domain Name is Important

A domain name is what keeps your business alive on the web. A good one will represent your identity and affect how your clients view your website. But the best thing about it is this; they appear on search engines when a potential customer searches for products and services that are related to your keyword. If you are an internet marketer, here are five reasons why you must choose the right domain name:

choosing right domain name


Picking out a domain name is an important exercise you must not ignore. When you choose the right domain name, it’s as effective as when you choose the right niche, the right keyword, the right product and content to represent what you are offering your audience. You may have all the great things people want on the web, but if no one can find you because of poor domain name choice, it will waste your time and money.

2. Niche Domain Name

If you are selling a product or service in a particular niche, your domain name must reflect the niche. If it’s impossible to find a keyword that will represent your domain name, then you can have a long tail keyword for your domain name. This generally means a few words that describe what the niche is all about. This is how people will find you.

3. User Friendly Domain

The right domain name will give visitors an easy time when opening your webpage. Have you tried writing a domain name on your PC’s browser only to make mistakes? It’s irritating, and worse still, someone might land on the wrong website with almost a similar domain name if they are not familiar with your website. That’s something you don’t want because it denies you the opportunity to attract the right people.

4. Reflect Primary Product

If your domain name does not reflect your product’s name, someone searching your product in the search engines might not see it. Realize that people often focus on domain names that reflect the name of the product they are searching for. That’s something you must consider if you want to attract the right amount of traffic to your website.

5. Domain Name Extension

The right domain name extension is your ticket to success. If your product or service is limited to a specific region, you may want to choose a domain extension that’s relevant to the region. For instance, if you are dealing with the U.K market, you could have an extension that ends with a .co.uk, as opposed to having a generic extension domain such as .net or .com. Studies have proven that U.K consumers, while searching for relevant products or services are likely to click on extensions associated with their home country, so they would prefer a .co .uK.

That means search engines will rank these websites higher compared to those with generic extension that are not relevant to the region. In general, the type of domain extension you choose has a direct impact on the amount of traffic your website receives.

The 5 points above highlight how important it is to choose an appropriate domain name for your online business. It is not in vain that you are choosing the right domain name for your website. You are making it easier for people to find you online, and that will earn you profits in the long run.

Romeo Demes

Romeo Demes is a freelance graphic designer and SEO expert who lives in Dubai. He has writen for many technology related websites and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Most of his articles are simple guides or tips and tricks that will help the everyday internet user to read and learn something helpful.

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