The Problems With GoDaddy Are Piling Up

godaddy no goodHave you heard the name “GoDaddy” and thought this might be a hosting company I should consider hosting with?  There are many authors and writers that have used GoDaddy in the past, but now many are rethinking their stance on the web hosting provider. There was a time in the past when they had over 40 domains going at one time on GoDaddy. But many seem to be retreating to other accounts in order to serve their needs.

So why is this happening? According to many webmasters there are many good reasons to not use GoDaddy. As a writer myself,I was intrigued.

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So let’s explore why some are saying that you should keep your distance from a site like GoDaddy.

Unreliable Support

There are many who say that the site has unreliable support.  It’s really hit or miss! Now you could say that about any service really, but let’s take a look at what was reported. According to one customer they constantly gave her bad advice and her email was broken a few times because of it. It got to a point where another representative had to interfere in order to deal with the problem.  They do have 24/7 telephone support and email support, but why no “live chat”?  Personally, I can attest to this as years ago GoDaddy kept telling me there was an issue on my end, but in reality it was a 500 error, which is on their side.

Failing to Listen to Complaints

Now has the support got better? Yes, according to many it has.  But, still they have not listen to the public and started using online live chat.  Why?  A good company has great B2C relations and GoDaddy has developed the business model of getting as many customers as possible, but failing to listen to complaints.  It this enough of a reason to completely boycott the site? That depends on you, the consumer.

Extra Upsells

Others say that GoDaddy is cheap and hard to use (you get what you pay for). Some claim that they lure you in under false advertising. For example; lets say you want to purchase a domain name for your company or.  If you novice to the web you might be tempted to buy a “private domain”, extra hosting you don’t need, and a series of extra upsells that GoDaddy sneaks in.

Extremely Slow Website

Many claim that the site is extremely slow and making changes to your sites is also very slow. if you do make a change and it’s the wrong change, it may take you extra time to sort it all out.  For example, an elementary task such as installing a simple WordPress installation is difficult.  GoDaddy uses a convoluted control panel and doesn’t support cPanel.

So are all of these claims valid? Yes, just do a Google search for “GoDaddy Problems” and you’ll clearly see a mile long list of complaints. Again, it depends on the people that you talk too. If you are not happy with the host, you do have other options. You are not chained to their service, so don’t think that you are.

Garen Arnold

This article was written by Garen Arnold who run He enjoys helping businesses start up their online web presence.

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