Domain Names Naming Opportunities For Developers With Apps

Developers have a wonderful chance in naming opportunities through different propositions of top level domains or TLDs. This comes from the fact that the web address field is about to increase through new suffixes in their hundreds, including the ubiquitous .org, .net and .com in the next couple of years. These options for future naming are very important for different types of developers, especially those dealing with apps, software for Smartphones and web apps, which show the novel expansion could benefit owners of domains including the typical consumer.

Expansion of gTLDs

new gTLDThe world of gTLDs or generic top level domains has been buzzing with action and was only limited to a few. The expansion will see the rolling out of thousands of new possible gTLDs. This will see a lot of activity as lots of businesses could look forward to using some of these generic domains such as .home, .app,.software, .software, .cloud and even .store and hundreds more.

Protection For Businesses

This has made brand owners to begin the unique process of registering most of their brands and brand names as SLDs (second level domains) with the generic top level domains most specific to their own niches such as or Registrants of second level domains in turn will be protected in two unique levels of rights by new generic top level domain name providers or operators.

One of this is trademark Clearinghouse, a registration of trademarks required by ICANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers) where every new registrar of gTLD has to cross-reference every time an individual wants to register a second level domain similar to a specific brand within the provided database.

The other level of protection is the claims and sunrise periods where every new registrar of gTLD is required by ICANN to provide members of Clearinghouse the first chance of registering SLDs through an offered Period of Sunrise of about a month prior to the availability of the registration to anyone else. Brand owners are expected to use these SLDs on their own while others could seek SLDs to block other third parties interested in them from accessing and registering them.

Opportunities For Apps Developers

domain application developerThe question on many people’s minds is what .cloud or .app for example offer app developers. Firstly, it will be good news to those who hate appending a title such as ‘cloud’ or ‘app’, for example This will be a thing of the past and one will not be settling for a web address he or she thinks is inferior.

These generic top level domains will increase all the chances of accessing the right domain name a person is required for his or her site. A good example is seeing .app domains being used in marketing and selling of desktop apps and software on Linux, Max, general online apps and Windows including iOS device apps like iPad and iPhone plus tablets and Smartphones powered by Android.

These will be internet addresses in a platform that is independent for all types of tools while at the same time easily recognizable as a place anyone can trust to get credible information on a certain application.

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