8 Elements Of A Successful Conversion Optimization Campaign

Before implementing a Conversion Optimization Campaign, you need to consider a few points. Firstly, whatever steps you take must continue to give you over time. Secondly, you need a method that helps to consistently measure results. Here are certain other aspects you need to consider.

1. Deals and Arrangements


  • Offer default product arrangements by best-sellers or price and test both. Use these landing page versions to target people coming from best-selling product Ads and ‘cheap products’ Ads.
  • Make a big deal out of whatever deal you’re currently offering.
  • Highlight the best price option in a different color, a callout or even a ‘bestselling’ star. Make people feel they’re getting the very best deal.
  • Use testimonials to sell higher-value products; a little trust goes a long way!

2. Content Optimization

content optimization

Content length: It’s ok if your content is long, as long as it reads well. Include a lot of details, specifications, reviews and pictures. Offer smaller pieces of content as well, so people can consume whichever based on their time constraints.

Content type: Offer a mix of content types to keep your audience salivating for more. While offering several types of content, make sure your audience still gets more of the preferred content type – text, video, podcast or infographics.

3. Team Support


Show your top executives the lifetime value of the conversion actions in your campaign. Present only conservative estimates; you don’t want to show very high figures, as they may not be very defensible. Getting the top team on board will give you complete access to the resources, team members and overall cooperation that you want for the CRO campaign.

4. Success Measurement

success measurement

Start with increases in conversion rate, but also measure increases in memberships, subscriptions, downloads, leads, e-mail sign-ups, page views and Ad views.

  • Conversions: To know the increase in conversions, measure the percentage of visitors who’ve checked out successfully over a period and compare those to the stats of the previous period.
  • Lead-generation: Calculate the percent of visitors who’ve completed the lead-gen process. You can also measure the completion rate by leads that have been qualified by your sales team.

5. Risks


In any CRO campaign, success is a definite option. So is failure. Any marketer worth his salt will have to take decisions knowing that failure is a real option. The thing is, it’s only from failure a marketer can learn what wrongs to right, and how to succeed eventually. Again, if you don’t implement a CRO campaign, it’s a guarantee that your conversion rates won’t ever improve.

6. Tests


  • Always begin your tests with a clear hypothesis that explains how your conversions will increase and why they will.
  • Test everything, including site usability.
  • Do a primary conversion test yourself and note down the results. Then get others who are not as familiar with your site to run the test.
  • Get people to tell you what they think of your site – use SurveyMonkey. Always test with sufficient data so you get proper stats.
  • Test your existing landing pages against less-navigation direct response ones, which contain keyword-based products, services or deals.
  • Send traffic to your homepage and test your conversions there.
  • Check out what your competitors are doing on their landing pages and take cues from what’s working well.

7. CTA Optimization


  • CTA wording: You’ll never know what kind of user behaviors will result when you change ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Buy Now’. Find out which change works out better for you.
  • CTA button size: Figure out the optimum size – too big and your site will look childish. Too small and it won’t stand out.
  • CTA color: Make sure the color stands out, but don’t use neon colors that are more suitable to a road stall sign.
  • CTA positioning: You need several CTAs on the same page to prevent scrolling. Place the button to the left, center and the right and test. You’ll soon know which works best.

8. IT Department Alliance

it department

Marketing will not be IT’s priority but you still need their complete cooperation and support. For example, it’ll be near impossible to evaluate multi-page flows, checkout processes and forms without their support. Show them the information you’ve gathered, and listen to their limitations as well. With a great IT alliance, you can take your conversion program much higher.

Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh is a blogger, writer and business student. He writes various articles for Invesp articulating the benefits of landing page optimization.

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